Detailed explanation of production steps of industrial aluminum profile
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Detailed explanation of production steps of industrial aluminum profile

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Detailed explanation of production steps of industrial aluminum profile

To produce aluminum extrusions, we must use aluminum extrusion production line equipment, a complete set of aluminum extrusion production line equipment a total of 6 parts: aluminum extrusion machine, billet cutting hot furnace, aluminum alloy ageing furnace, die furnace equipment, tractors and cooling bed. What is the production process of extruded aluminum? Take industrial aluminum profile for example.

1, first of all, the aluminum billet is hung to the material rack of the long billet hot shear furnace, so that the aluminum billet is tiled on the material rack.Ensure no stacking billet phenomenon, avoid accidents and mechanical failure;

2. Standardize the operation of aluminum billets into the furnace. It is recommended to store 12 aluminum billets in the furnace.For heating, the temperature can reach about 480℃ (normal production temperature) for about 3.5h at room temperature, and hold for 1 hour.Can produce;

3. When the aluminum billet is heated, the die is placed in the die furnace for heating(about 480℃);

4. After heating and insulation of aluminum billet and die, put the die into the die base of press;

5. Operate the long billet hot shear furnace to shear and transport the aluminum billet to the raw material entrance of the press;

6.Put in the extrusion press to operate the press for material extrusion;

7. The profile enters the cooling air stage through the extrusion hole, and is drawn and sawed by the tractor.;

8. Cooling table moved to transfer aluminum profile to adjust to the table, the aluminum profile modulation correction;

9. The corrected aluminum profile is transported from the conveying platform to the finished product platform for fixed-length sawing.;

10. The finished aluminum profiles are framed and transported to the aging charging vehicle by the workers;

11. Operation aging furnace will be finished aluminum profiles pushed into the furnace for aging, about 200℃, insulation for 2 hours;

12,. Cooling out of the oven, the obtained is the ideal hardness, the size of the finished aluminum profile.




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