Factors that should be considered in extrusion die design
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Factors that should be considered in extrusion die design

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Factors that should be considered in extrusion die design

1 In accordance with the structure of the aluminum extrusion machine, die designers must consider aluminum products surface, the choices of the press machine, the customer product requirements, service  condition  , the complexity of the product drawings, die structure and dimension of die materials, extrusion ratio, die and extrusion coefficient, products shape, size and the tolerance. The shape, orientation and size of the die cavities, the shrinkage of the die cavity, the deflection of the deformation, the deformation of the strength, the performance ratio, the ratio of the sizing zone to the blocking flow rate, the flow diversion, etc.

2 Including turning, milling, drilling, grinding, play, cutting, polishing, and welding, die size and shape accuracy must be in place, according to the design drawings of sizing and hinder the system of machining accuracy, surface finish, heat treatment, hardness on the surface of carburizing, decarburization and surface hardness changes,The end face parallelism must meet the requirements of design drawings and customer surface requirements, etc.

3 Assembly of the die and extrusion producers determine factors supporting situation, ingot casting, die and extrusion cylinder heating temperature, extrusion speed, lubrication technology, product varieties and batch, alloy and casting quality, and stretching, squeezed alloy ingot specifications, the product out of the gate of cooling, mould to neutral,The control and adjustment of industrial aluminum extrusion press, the setting of the guide, the length of the output table and straightening machine, the capacity of industrial aluminum extrusion press and the specific pressure of the extrusion cylinder, the length of the extrusion residual material, etc.




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