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Industrial aluminum profiles

Aluminum profiles extrusion is to hot melt and extrude with the help of the extrusion dies the aluminum bars to obtain different cross-sectional shape profiles.

EPS Extrusion dies

Due to the different proportions of the added alloys, the mechanical properties and application fields of the aluminum profiles are also different.

From the application field, it can be divided into building profiles and industrial profiles. Except for doors and windows, curtain walls, interior and exterior decoration, and building structures, all aluminum profiles can be classified as industrial aluminum profiles.

Different aluminum profiles

Advantages of aluminum profiles in industrial applications

  • Industrial aluminum profiles, in whose production the two processes, hot and cold are used, have strong corrosion resistance;
  • Compared with other commonly used metals, aluminum profile has low density and lightweight;
  • Compared with other metal materials, aluminum profile has advantages for production, such as strong plasticity and good productivity;
  • Aluminum profiles have good ductility, and can be made into light alloys with many metal elements with high-quality materials;
  • The aluminum profile has modularity and multi-function, which can quickly construct the ideal mechanical equipment outerwear;
  • The surface treatment performance is good, the appearance is bright, and no paint is needed;
  • The coefficient of elasticity is small, no spark in the collision friction, so that it performs best in automotive technology;
  • No metal pollution, no toxicity, no volatile metals on the surface oxide layer.

EPS heat sinks

EPS, professional industrial aluminum profiles manufacturer

EPS provides the design and production of various quality aluminum products, we have our own dies workshop. From the development of dies to the realization of aluminum profiles, extrusion – machining - surface treatment - finished products, we provide a one-stop service to save your time, energy, and money.

Our aluminum heat sinks are exported to Brazil, solar frames to Greece and India, street lamp aluminum profiles to England, aluminum structure profiles to the United States, etc. Choosing EPS is choosing trust. We look forward to cooperating with you.

EPS aluminum profiles ready to ship

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