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Comparison of Solid wood, Wood transfer and PVC / wood veneer coated aluminum conduit

Wood grain building aluminum profile could be an excellent substitute for solid wood materials. Its significant advantages are:

1. Environmental protection. Aluminum products having wood texture with good simulation effect could replace the wood decorative materials, so that we protect the trees and achieve the energy saving and environmental protection.

2. Light weight and easy operation. Not too many workers are needed in the installation. Just take the aluminum frames to the place and the installation can be completed quickly. The labor costs are greatly reduced.

3. Fire resistant, corrosion resistant, moisture resistant, and the hardness is better than the solid wood.

aluminum profiles

So in order to achieve the wood grain effect of building aluminum profiles, there can be different technological processes. Such as:

Wood transfer technology :

First coat the background of the aluminum tube to the required background color, then use a very thin chemical film to cover the aluminum tube's background color through the heat shrink principle.

PVC coated aluminum conduit / Solid wood veneer coated aluminum tube:

The technology is to paste the solid wood veneer or PVC film on the aluminum tubes with the hot melt adhesive PUR imported from Germany.

Both above two processes of wood grain could achieve the function of aluminum wood substitution. The most significant differences in appearance are:

Ø The effect of the wood transfer technology is more flowing on the surface, just like printing. It’s like printing a layer of wood grain on the aluminum tube. The feel and close contact could not replace the solid wood.

Ø Solid wood veneer coated aluminum tube : pasting a layer of real solid wood on the aluminum square tube, has the ability to "fake the truth". Metal and solid inside, same texture as wood on the outside. Furthermore, the cover in wood has no pattern repeat, since real wood is used.

Ø For outdoor use, choose the anti-UV PVC coated aluminum conduit. The anti-UV PVC film is with a PVDF layer on the outside, protecting against the UV rays and is destined for outdoor decoration, with a guarantee up to 30 years.

anti-UV PVC coated aluminum conduit

Our company specializes in the technology of PVC coated aluminum conduit / Solid wood veneer coated aluminum tube. Our aluminum products can be used for ceilings, curtain walls, decorative walls, handrails, furniture, etc. We have loyal users in Asia and Europe.

We are proud of our:

- Rich experience and advanced technology

Our chief engineer has been working in the aluminum industry for almost 40 years. With more than 10 years of experience testing and practicing wood-coated or PVC-coated aluminum technology, he is the pioneer of the country to have developed and put this technology into production. He has a great reputation in the industry.

- Efficient production and stable quality

We have our own intellectual property rights. With the continuous development and improvement of the technology and of the pasting equipments, the efficiency of the production has been considerably increased, costs reduced and, quality improved, so that we obtain a very good stable quality of the finished products.

- Satisfaction of different customers’ needs

We have different shapes of aluminum profiles and different kinds of wood and colors of PVC to select. It is also feasible for us to manufacture at the clients’ request, we do our best to help the designers to realize their goal.

- Competitive price

Our products are with better quality and services, at the same time keeping an affordable price.aluminum tube

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