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Primary aluminium market in deficit in January to September 2018 - WBMS

The calculated market balance for primary aluminium for January to September was a deficit of 206 kilo tonne which follows a deficit of 1175 kilo tonne recorded for the whole of 2017. Chinese trade data has just become available after a six-month delay for technical reasons. Demand for primary aluminium for January to September 2018 was 44.7 million tonnes 675 kilo tonne less than in the same nine months of 2017. Production in January to September 2018 rose by 118 kilo tonne compared with the same period in 2017. Producer stock data is no longer published and total reported stocks fell by 136 kilo tonne during September and closed at the end of the month 38 kt below the December 2017 level. LME stocks fell by 50 kilo tonne during September mostly due to decreases in Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Netherlands. Total stocks at the end of September 2018 were 2308 kilo tonne which compares with 2346 kilo tonne at the end of 2017. Total stocks held in the four exchanges in London, Shanghai, USA and Tokyo were 1828 kilo tonne at the end of September 2018 which were 114 kilo tonne lower than in December 2017 total. No allowance is made in the consumption calculation for large unreported stock changes especially those held in Asia.

Overall, global production rose in January to September 2018 by 0.3 per cent compared with the first nine months of 2017. Chinese output was estimated at 24999 kilo tonne and this currently accounts for 56 per cent of the world production total. Chinese apparent demand was 1.3 per cent higher than in January to September 2017. Chinese net exports of unwrought aluminium were 291 kilo tonne during January to September 2018 which compares with 275 kilo tonne in the comparable period in 2017. January to September 2018 net exports of aluminium semi manufactures were 3683 kilo tonne which compares with 2916 kilo tonne for the first three quarters of 2017. 

Production in the EU28 was 0.5 per cent higher than the previous year and NAFTA output fell by 5.0 per cent. EU28 demand was 118 kilo
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