Aluminum profile extrusion process conditions
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Aluminum profile extrusion process conditions

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Aluminum profile extrusion process conditions


Heating temperature of ingot

  The maximum allowable heating temperature of aluminum is 550℃, and the lower limit temperature is 320℃. In order to ensure the structure and performance of the product, the heating temperature of the ingot during extrusion should not be too high, and the extrusion temperature should be reduced as much as possible.


Heating temperature of extrusion cylinder

The composition of the die is mostly alloy steel. Due to poor thermal conductivity, in order to avoid thermal stress, the extrusion cylinder should be preheated before extrusion. In order to ensure the quality of the extruded product and have a good extrusion effect, the temperature of the extrusion cylinder can be 400 ℃-450℃.


Extrusion temperature

   During hot extrusion, the heating temperature is generally 0.75-0.95 times the absolute temperature of the melting point of the alloy, and the temperature during the extrusion process is controlled at about 500°C.


Extrusion speed

  Fast extrusion speed can improve productivity, but too fast extrusion speed will affect the extrudability of the material and make the extrusion temperature too high, so the extrusion speed must be controlled. Considering the extrudability of metals and alloys, product quality requirements and equipment capacity limitations, the extrusion speed of this design is 40-60m/min.


Squeeze ratio

  Extrusion ratio calculation formula: the area of the extrusion tube/the cross-sectional area of the profile

   Extrusion ratio: One of the important parameters to measure whether this profile can be extruded in this extruder.

   Extrusion ratio is too small, profile product deformation is insufficient, density and surface quality are not good, extrusion ratio is too large, mold deformation is too severe, extrusion is difficult, profile size is difficult to guarantee, and even mold blockage. Therefore, the ideal value of the extrusion ratio is 40-80.




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