Anodizing of aluminum profile radiator
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Anodizing of aluminum profile radiator

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Aluminum radiator surface anodizing treatment is a kind of application is very wide aluminum radiator surface treatment technology, is the method of electrolysis in forming an oxide film of aluminum radiator surface, the corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance on the surface of the aluminum radiator significantly increased, not only in the use of more good quality, also has a lot of improvement in terms of aesthetics.

The surface of the metal with the surrounding medium happening chemistry or electrochemical action, so that the phenomenon of metal damage, often referred to as the corrosion of the metal. The corrosion of the metal caused great loss to us. One of the ways to prevent metal corrosion protective layer is formed in the metal surface oxide film. Many metals exist in natural oxidation film, but they can't since most protective role.

Aluminum radiator use aluminum alloy as the material, aluminium and aluminium alloy density is small, high strength, good electrical and thermal conductivity, molding easily, without the advantages of low temperature brittleness, is an excellent comprehensive performance, light metal material.

At present, aluminum in the aerospace industry and building materials, transportation, electronics and other fields has been widely used. Particularly strong chemical affinity, aluminum epicuticular oxygen in the atmosphere for its surface is always covered with a layer of transparent oxide film, but the natural molybdenum oxide film is extremely thin, only 4 x10-3-5 x10-3 um, and large porosity, low mechanical strength, resistance to corrosion and abrasion resistance can meet the needs of corrosion protection.

Aluminum radiator, for example, can use electrochemical method, can make the aluminum or aluminum alloy surface to generate dense oxide film quality, and membrane thicker, its thickness can reach several dozens to hundreds of micrometers, can effectively improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum. The aluminum surface oxidation, electrochemical process called aluminum anodizing.

In addition, due to the porosity of the oxide film is formed by uniform, still can use organic dyes for dyeing, after sealing the colour and lustre is stable, make aluminum applied more widely.

So the aluminum radiator is generally should be based on the oxidation surface treatment, but mostly depends on the actual needs of customers products.




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