Common die correction about solid dies
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Common die correction about solid dies

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Die correction is an important factor in aluminum extrusion processing, there is no 100% perfect die, first pass rate only 60% for the average. Only through die correction, product quality and processing efficiency can be improved continuously.
Last time we discussed some die corrections about hollow dies, today let’s talk about some solutions for solid die problem.

                                 Solid Die Assembly

1. The surface of the aluminum profile is wavy.

This situation will happen when flow rate is uneven, see below picture, leg flow speed is high, which caused the legs have wave after it come out from the press.

             Profile                               Analyze & Correction

2. Profile legs tilt after its coming out.

In general, this is also caused by uneven flow speed; in that case, we regulate speed by relief and choke.

3. Aluminum choke when relief is skewing

Especially for solid extrusion dies, if profile gap is small, exist relief is possible skewing, and lead to aluminum choke or aluminum profile surface not smooth by the friction.|

These are just a few of the many problems when running the dies.You are warmly welcome to share your valuable experience with me.




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