Cracks Marks on Aluminum Profile Reasons & Solution
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Cracks Marks on Aluminum Profile Reasons & Solution

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Aluminium profiles cracks marks on the surface, the main reasons :
1, Extrusion temperature is too high, may lead to the surface layers of metal tensile strength decreased, so the friction aluminum workbench is produced under the action of crack.
2, Because of the friction to metal surface with gallas stress effect, when the stress is greater than the surface of the metal with William gallas will crack when tensile strength;
3, Extrusion temperature, the metal surface tensile strength decreased, under the effect of friction force cracks;
4, Extrusion speed is too fast, the metal surface with gallas with increased stress profiles of cracks.
5, Copper aluminum silicon alloy containing zinc copper too much or too little.
6, Extrusion die, especially the overall lateral cavity temperature is too low.
7, Wall thickness and the thickness of the dramatic change, forming Angle stress.
image1Aluminum alloy profile extrusion surface crack treatment methods are as follows :
1, Control the composition of aluminum profile alloy, adding pure aluminum ingot in the alloy, reduce magnesium or aluminum alloy content, improve silicon content.
2, Change the aluminum profile product structure, increase the Angle, change the extrusion die Angle, reduce the wall thickness difference.
3, Change or increase the ejection position, is the ejection force uniform.
4. Shorten the time of extrusion die opening and core pulling, increase the extrusion die temperature, and maintain the thermal balance of the extrusion die.
5. Strictly control the extrusion process parameters to ensure reasonable outlet speed and outlet temperature, in order to reduce the crack of aluminum profile




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