Extrusion Die Structure Introduction
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Extrusion Die Structure Introduction

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Aluminium profile extrusion die material:
Industrial aluminium profile extrusion die material is H13 steel, aluminum extrusion dies after nitriding is necessary before working.

Aluminium profile extrusion die structure:
Generally an extrusion die is consisted of the die plate, die bolster and die ring. Dies is structured with working bearing, relief, feeder and other parts, each part has its own function.

1, Work Bearing , perpendicular to the die working face, the purpose is to fixed the dimensions of the aluminum, too long or too short is unqualified, work with design should consider the profile of the wall thickness difference and the distance from the center, as well as a part of the die cavity is covered by rib.

2, Feeder: from the billet to profiles, there is a deformation process, feeder can have the effect of reducing deformation, play a role in the shape of transition.

3, Relief, is the main channel, aluminum through die it works with outlet cantilever support structure, can guarantee the quality of aluminum and the service life of dies;

4,Portholes : aluminum alloy through after the above procedure, began to enter the portholes, further determine the profile of the cross-section shape and size.

5, Mandrel , cavity internal shape and size

6, Chamber, after all the preparation work before in place, welded aluminum alloy began to enter room collection, to the last stages of extrusion.
image2For more complex extrusion die, die design account for 85% of the die quality. Good die extrusion design is: the processing of low cost, small processing difficulty, short processing time, the premise is to meet the customer's request.




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