How to improve extrusion die life
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How to improve extrusion die life

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How to improve extrusion die life

There are many factors that can affect industrial aluminum extrusion die life of, in addition to the extrusion die structure design and strength, mould materials, hot and cold processing and electrical processing technology, heat treatment and surface treatment technology, and extrusion process and conditions of use, extrusion die maintenance and repair, extrusion products, material properties and shape specifications and management related to external factors.At the same time, the influencing factors are not single, but a complex multi-factor comprehensive problem.To improve the life of the extrusion die, the following aspects should be paid attention to:

(1) Industrial aluminum extrusion die design is reasonable, reasonable extrusion die design is an important link to prolong the service life of the extrusion die.A properly designed die structure should ensure that there is no possibility of impact breakage and stress concentration under normal service conditions.Therefore, when designing the extrusion die, the force of each part should be uniform, and attention should be paid to avoid sharp angles, concave angles and wall thickness differences.The application of computer aided design is an important way to improve the design and service life of industrial aluminum extrusion die.

(2) Reasonable selection of extrusion die materials.Extrusion die is working under high temperature and high pressure, under the influence of periodic load, poor working conditions and environment, the performance of die steel is high, the die material should have good thermal stability, thermal fatigue, thermal wear resistance and enough toughness.At present, the extrusion die material is 4Cr5MoSiV1 and 3Cr2W8V steel, and the new steel such as 4Cr5MoSiV1 has good hardening, heat resistance, high impact toughness, low thermal fatigue resistance, good deformation resistance, good crack resistance, extrusion industrial aluminum surface roughness and good high temperature performance and comprehensive structure.

(3) Improve the quality of heat treatment and surface treatment.The service life of extrusion die depends largely on the quality of heat treatment.Strictly control heat treatment and surface strengthening process, prevent heat treatment defects, adjust quenching and tempering process parameters, increase pre- treatment.Stabilizing treatment and tempering time, paying attention to temperature control, heating and cooling intensity, adopting new quenching medium, studying strengthening and toughening treatment, various surface strengthening treatments and new equipment are conducive to improving the service life of industrial aluminum profile dies.

(4) Improve the processing quality of industrial aluminum profile extrusion die manufacturing.In the extrusion die processing, the common processing methods include machining, wire cutting and discharge machining.Machining is an indispensable and important process in the process of extrusion die processing.It not only changes the extrusion die size, but also directly affects the quality of industrial aluminum profile and the service life of the extrusion die.

(5) Improve the working conditions and extrusion process conditions.Improving extrusion technology and parameters, improving working conditions and working environment is beneficial to prolong the life of industrial aluminum profile die.Before extrusion, we should carefully develop the extrusion scheme, choose the better equipment system and billet specifications, develop the better extrusion process parameters (such as extrusion temperature, extrusion speed, extrusion coefficient, extrusion pressure, etc.), improve the working environment (such as extrusion temperature, extrusion pressure, etc.).Water cooled or nitrogen cooled, fully lubricated, etc.) to reduce the extrusion die.Work load (such as reduce extrusion pressure, reduce cold, thermal shock, alternating load, etc.), establish and improve the process operation procedures and safety operation procedures.




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