Production Guide for Heat Sink Aluminum Profile
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Production Guide for Heat Sink Aluminum Profile

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Production Guide for Heat Sink Aluminum Profile

 As we all know, aluminum alloy has good heat dissipation performance, in our daily life, aluminum alloy heat sink is widely used, and the heat sink market is also very large.As a producer, heat sink profile is a kind of high difficulty and high cost of products.How to test the die correctly? How to adjust the equipment? How to carry on the follow-up processing treatment? Please join me in the discussion.

1) For aluminum extrusion dies with high density tooth and tongue ratio, the first aluminum bar must be a short aluminum bar of 150-200mm or pure aluminum bar.

2) Before the die trial, the extrusion center of the press must be adjusted. The extrusion press center, the container and the feeder 

plate center must be in a center line.

3) When running the heat sink die, or normal production process, the heating temperature of aluminum billet should be kept between 480-520℃.







Billet Length(mm)






Billet Temperature:   head-middle-tail (℃)






Container Temperature(℃)






Die Temperature(℃)


Die Heating Time (Hours)


4)The heating temperature of the die shall be controlled at about 480℃ according to the conventional die temperature, and the heat preservation time of the solid die with a diameter of less than 200mm shall not be less than 2 hours. If the heat preservation time of the split mold is more than 3 hours;die with diameter greater than 200mm shall be insulated for 4-6 hours to ensure uniform temperature of die core and external.

5) Before die trial or production, the ingot cylinder must be cleaned with the clear cylinder pad, and check whether the empty operation of the extrusion press can work well.

6) When the die is tested or just started to produce, the automatic transmission of the press is turned off, and the switch of each section is set to zero.Start from the minimum pressure and press slowly for about 3-5 minutes. During the aluminum filling process, the pressure should be controlled well.The pressure is controlled within 100Kg/cm2, and the ammeter data is within 2-3A. Generally, 80-120kg /cm2 can be discharged, and then it can be slowly accelerated. In normal production, the extrusion speed shall be subject to the pressure less than 120Kg/cm2.

7) When problem happens in trail or producing, such as found blocking die, tooth deviation, speed differences,  stop press immediately, and point back the way to discharge the die to avoid scrap.

8)The cushion or fixture must be loosened and controlled reasonably according to the discharging situation.Observe any abnormal situation at any time, deal with it in time, and stop the machine immediately.

9)In the straightening process, must carefully test before and after the change, the operation standard, the force is moderate, the strict guarantee product quality.

10) Set the proper length according to the requirements of production plan. When sawing, the feeding speed should not be too fast, so as to avoid injuring the tail of the profile.

11) The aluminum profile should be standardized, including the pad to be placed reasonably, to avoid damage profiles.

12) The aging temperature of aluminum profiles is controlled at 190±5℃, and the temperature is kept for 2.5-4 hours, and the aluminum profiles are cooled by air after they come out of the oven.




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