Structure of Aluminum Extrusion Die
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Structure of Aluminum Extrusion Die

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Structure of Aluminum Extrusion Die

Aluminum extrusion die is made of H13 steel.The die can be used after nitriding.The whole die is composed of three parts: die feeder, die plate and backer. Now let’s focus on the structure of normal dies.

1. Working belt

The working belt is perpendicular to the working end face of the die and forms the shape of the profile. If the working belt is too short, the size of the aluminum profile is difficult to be stable. If the working belt is too long, the friction effect of the metal will be increased, the extrusion pressure will be increased, and the metal will be easily bonded.


2, Relief

Ensure the profile pass, ensure the quality of aluminum and die life.

3. Die feeder

Set a transition shape between the aluminum rod and the aluminum product to reduce the deformation process.

4, Hollow holes

The channel, shape, section size, number and different arrangement of aluminum through the hole directly affect the extrusion die quality, extrusion pressure, life, the number of shunt hole as little as possible, in order to reduce the welding line, increase the area of the shunt hole, reduce the extrusion pressure.

5, Porthole bridge

Its width and die strength, metal flow related.

Aluminum profile shunt die

6, Die mandrel

Determine the size and shape of the cavity.

7. Welding chamber

A place where metals gather and weld together.

In addition, the die structure design is reasonable, but also depends on its shunt ratio, and extrusion ratio.

Porthole ratio: the ratio of the sectional area of the shunt hole and the sectional area of the profile, which directly affects the size of extrusion resistance, forming quality and welding quality.

Extrusion ratio: the ratio of the sectional area of the extrusion cylinder to the sectional area of the profile, is one of the important parameters to measure whether the profile is suitable for the production of the extrusion machine.




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