Two kinds of heat sink profile
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Two kinds of heat sink profile

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Among the aluminum extrusion profile, aluminum heat sink is a large demand for industry.  According to the difficulty of extrusion, we can divide the heat sink into 2 kinds.

1. Normal Heat Sink Profile

2.High Ratio Heat Sink

How to distinguish between the two types?

1, High ratio heat sink, refers to the number of teeth is relatively more, and the height of the tooth is higher, the general appraisal standard is the proportion of the height of the teeth with tooth pitch, as the chart, the formula is: tooth height (H)/pitch (L), namely: K = H/L, the K value calculated is more than 8, this we usually is called high ratio heat sink.

2, According to the above calculation, calculated below 8 K value of the aluminum radiator is a normal aluminum heat sink.

Above this kind of method is the most common and most practical method, designed by this method can identify whether the aluminum heat sink can be developed, usually times higher tooth of aluminum extrusion dies used in demand will be high, the greater the difficulty, the price also will be a little higher, because the toughness of material of tooling and mold design of the rationality of the requirements will be higher.




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