How to dicide aluminum profile thickness
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How to dicide aluminum profile thickness

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When the choose or custom aluminum profile, not the more thickness the better, suitable thickness is the best. Aluminum thickness decide which technical parameters?

1, aluminum profile meter weight.
All thickness directly influences the aluminum meters, profiles of wall thickness is thicker, meter weight are heavier, use the more the number of aluminum ingots, resulting in higher prices. The same series aluminum, because wall thickness is different, the price difference between several times are possible.

2, aluminum profile bearing.
Principle on profile wall thickness is thicker, bearing is the better. This is why many people choose the thick material. So many large equipment frame, it needs to choose large size profiles, such bearing, bending or shaking will not happen.
3, aluminum profile using range.
Due to wall thickness directly influences the bearing, bearing affect the using range.The same series aluminum, such as 4040 profiles, wall thickness from 1.1 mm to 3 mm yes, but only 4040 light can be used to make less stress and strength framework combination, such as a single work station, small frame, and so on.


4040 heavy stress and strength can be used for larger framework combination, such as assembly line conveyor line, workshop fence frame and so on.




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