Introduction to light wave die furnace
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Introduction to light wave die furnace

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Introduction to light wave die furnace

I Main body structure of furnace
Furnace body: outer sealing plate + stainless steel inner liner +1160 high temperature insulation cotton.

Heating component: infrared ray tube

Door: stainless steel lining + steel frame + silicate fiber cotton +3mm outer sealing plate

Sealing mechanism: double row of high temperature asbestos rope sealing + special double low pressure cylinder pressing mechanism (with pressure regulating valve, low pressure to extend the sealing life of the cylinder)

Frame: stainless steel inner basket + protective basket

Temperature measurement: each box is equipped with two thermocouple temperature measurement, temperature control and over-temperature alarm system.

II Main technical parameters

Use aluminum billet length


Storage rod (support) in furnace


Preheating count


Heating count


Energy consumption in continuous production

(Heat per ton of aluminium)

Burning natural gas: 22 cubic meters

Temperature control

PID Automatic Heating Control

Shear capacity

50 times/h

Initial heating time

< 3H

Shear length error

± 1mm

Temperature difference of each section of billet discharge

± 5

Temperature difference in furnace

± 10

Total power

Circulating fan: 4KW one

Combustion-supporting fan: one set of 1.5 kW

Cooling fan: 0.37 kW one

Hydraulic station motor: 7.5 kW one

Operation method


Motor input voltage

380V AC

Input voltage of control box


Solenoid valve


Power frequency


Compressed air consumption

0.2 m3/min

Cooling water flow


III Advantages of light wave furnace heating

1. Fast heating and high heat absorption efficiency.Due to the high radiation intensity of the light wave tube and the large reflecting surface, the mold absorbs heat quickly and has no penetrability and does not damage the mold material.

2 Due to the use of stainless steel inner liner, increase the reflection surface of light wave to make the heating of the mold more uniform and faster.

3 The thermal efficiency of the light wave tube is higher, so the power is reduced by 30% and the energy saving is 40% compared with the ordinary mold furnace.

4 Easy maintenance and replacement of light wave tube, light wave tube can be replaced without shutdown. At the same time, only 1/12 power can be reduced in case of damage to a light wave tube, which will not affect too much power and can be used in normal production.




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